Is what some people were probably expecting (if not hoping) would be the title of my next post after a week of no word from us here at The Nut.
Well, Maria did get a flat tire and I did burn myself (again) on her tailpipe. Other than that, nothing much to report.
Doing a bunch of the applying for the jobs in the Colorado. Trying to make the ends meet in the bad economy. Laughing at the idiotic soundbites from the Bush (high gas prices are a good thing; it's causing Americans to drive less) and The McCain (trouble in the Iraq Pakistan border region *look at a map if that's not immediately funny to you*).
Working extra hours trying to keep myself out of trouble (and the emergency room).
Seeing New Monsoon Thursday night, Widespread Panic Saturday and Mark Knopfler Tuesday.
Did I mention that I got me and Aspen VIP seats for Indigo Girls in September? She's excited for that.
Honestly, I can't think of anything else to bore you all with. I sit out in the hammock and either read, listen to tunes or watch South Park each evening. The hammock's big enough for 2 if anyone wants to venture this direction at all.
But I can't promise you won't get burned by a tailpipe.