With my resume on a few of the job seeking websites I am susseptible (feel free to correct my spelling Sissy B, you need a job too) to the occasional 'odd' job offer. Strangely enough, I wasn't being offered the job of 'proof reader' or 'translator'.

Dear Mr\Mrs
We are glad to take you invitation in possible cooperation with our company and build successful business together.
You personally were selected among big quantity of pretendents by our HR managers looking through your resume and Curriculum Vitae at the job seeking websites. Our managers did this choice, because it seemed to them that you are the most suitable candidate for work in our team.
Our business group, PFS Inc, is looking for cooperative, efficient people with the reliable attitude to job.
That is why, we would wish to see you a member of our team.

The email goes on for paragraphs like this with essentially no description of duties, job title, or even the business'... uh, business.
All I can deduce is that apparently my skills are fairly high in demand in the 'escrow' field in Poland.

However, I will agree that I am an 'efficient person with the reliable attitude to job'.
How many people can say that?!