It occurred to me yesterday while searching my data banks for a name for my new toy that it would make sense to name her after the character 'the bride' in The Bride of Frankenstein (for what I believe is an obvious reason). Trouble is, I'm not aware of Elsa Lanchester's (the bride's) character's name in that story.
As it turns out, 'the bride' was never given a name.
"What a shame." I thunk to myself, "That would have been perfect!"
But hold on! In the story, before the character becomes transformed into 'the bride' she is known as Mary Shelley, the same name as the woman who penned the original story Frankenstein.
Combine the name 'Mary" with my propensity to convert names into their Spanish translation (Brice = Brico {pronounced bree-koe}) and we have 'Maria'. Combine that with my affection for Hispanic culture in general (not excluding the women!) and we have our name!
And, as the frosting on the cake... Green Day and The Gipsy Kings have already provided us with theme songs for her ('Maria' and 'Bem, Bem, Maria' respectively).
So, as of today, my bride is Maria, with her 2 white streaks passing through her black hair. A beauty that was created seemingly solely for me... the unlovable and hideous monster that no one else will have...

except Kalani.