I love Craig's List!!!
This baby went up for sale last night. Having been checking the site neurotically for the last week finally paid off! I saw this gem 10 minutes after it was listed. I scurried down to the seller's house 20 minutes later. By the time I got there there were two other potential buyers also trying to get there as fast they could. Fortunately, The Trout-man lived closer than those rat bastards.

I won't say how much she cost but it was less than $1501.00! She's a customized '88 Suzuki Savage 750 with a lowered chassis. She rides as smooth as she looks.

Now for the fun part...

I am allowing you all to name her!
The only stipulation is that it has to be a female name no more than 2 syllables.
Leave your submissions in the comments. Leave as many as you like. When I hear the right name I will announce it.
There will be a prize.
p.s. I had thought about naming her Sissy B in hopes that one morning I would open the garage and there would be a bunch of mini bikes cruising around her. But then again, I don't want something that tempermental.