Had a follow-up with the orthopedic doc on Wednesday. He says the collar bone that now sticks up will probably always protrude to some degree or another. That kind of sucks but as long as it gets back to 100% functionality then I won't complain. I start physical therapy next Wednesday. So maybe there will be some good pics of me working out with 1/2 lb weights or doing water-arobics with the stroke recoverers or something. In fact I can now see a war veteran with has hands blown off beating me in ping pong... or something to that effect.
Aspen has now graduated to the 4th grade. She has horse camp for a week then is off to AZ for the summer.
We hired a new guy at work last week. Today he is supposed to come into the office at noon. By 1:30 there is no word from him so the boss calls. He says he had to help his sister move and would be in a bit later. He never showed up.
This guy is certainly looking to be dismissed and collect unemployment, right? No one expecting or hoping to keep their job would think this was acceptable behavior, right?