Why on Earth do I want to move back to Colorado Springs?! Sure, Pikes Peak, Garden of The Gods, Air Force Academy, foot of the Rocky Mtns, best friend Sean, my mom... it's all there for the good times to be had.

But then, Focus on The Family and delusional cult leader James Dobson also call Colorado Springs home (for the record: I was calling the place home looooong before they tainted the soil there).
During the campaign, Obama accurately stated (and I'm paraphrasing) "It would be impractical to try to govern based solely on bible scripture. Even if The U.S. was 100% Christian, which version of Christianity would dictate govt policy? Al Sharpton's or James Dobson's?"
Makes perfect rational sense to us grounded thinkers.
Dobson (for some reason, many months after Obama's original statement) 'stabbed' back at Mr. Yes-We-Can by saying that Obama is deliberately distorting the traditional understanding of the bible with his own confused theology.
Let's put aside the argument for a moment that if you have any theology period then you are automatically confused. We'll just look at Obama's statement plain and simple and compare it to Dobson's retort:
Not only would it be impractical it would be illegal to base laws solely on any religious doctrine. Thank you writers of The Constitution!
Doesn't sound too confused to me. In fact, I would say that anyone who finds this statement and/or view 'confusing' is he himself rather unfamiliar with the inconsistencies in the bible and the sound wording of The Constitution.
Obama also stated that people should not try to create laws/bills based solely on scripture.

Dobson took particular 'confusing' offense to this (absolutely correct) statement by arguing that by Obama's logic no one should be able to fight for anti -abortion or other laws that are found to be against god's will because they are in the bible.
Not quite, James.
Many of our laws (murder for example) are 'sins' according to the bible but they are not laws because they are in the bible. In fact murder has been found to be illegal in various society's throughout history before the old testament even existed and by cultures that had no knowledge or care what the bible said. Murder is illegal in China as is the bible.
Murder is illegal because the immorality of killing stands on it's own, easily passing a common sense smell test not because it is one of the ten commandments.
Dobson and everybody else has the right to petition the government for laws that are based on logic and common sense and even morality. But the bible, no bible, has a monopoly on moral teachings.
If the government is to pass a law (abortion, lets say), it can not pass it based on scripture teachings. Therefor, one can not base the argument to make it illegal on scripture teachings.
One does not need a law degree to get from point A to point B there.
If the government is to 'illegalize' (shut up! I just made it a word!) abortion it must do so on sound evidence that the practice is immoral. Therefor, the petitioner must provide evidence that it is immoral. Fortunately, opening up the bible does not constitute 'evidence' of anything in our court and judicial system.
There is no more place in our system of government for a Christian to petition a law based on their bible's teachings than there is for a Hindu to do the same based on the Bhagavad Gita's teachings. All you burger lovers should be thankful for that.
Again, all laws passed or even petitioned need to stand on their own merit as logical and moral... not because a fictitious 'god' mandated them. Otherwise, The U.S. constitution might as well be burned and the country's name changed to Afghanistan.
So, 'Dr.' Dobson, it is you with your distorted theologies and constitutional contemptuousness who is attempting to run amok with our freedoms... not Obama and his sound judgemement infringing upon yours.