I miss George Carlin. Not only did we think alike but we looked alot alike. I trust Comedy Central, or some network at least, will do a special 1 hour tribute to him within the week. Comedy is inherently edgy but Carlin was the guy to push the envelope, daring to cross lines that no other in the field would. I will always remember him as Cardinal Glick in the movie Dogma. Who else could have tackled that roll with such confidence and gusto? The comedy joints in Heaven are rejoicing at their new headlining act tonight.
I got a speeding ticket yesterday while out and about on the (as of yet un-named) bike. Had her less than a week. But it weren't my fault! The tank bag I purchased for her obscures the speedometer! Hence, I have no way of knowing how fast I'm going! I told this to the 'officer' when he asked why I was doing 53 in a 35. At first I tried to tell him I was dislexic and got the numbers backwards. He was less than conciliatory. Why do I still have to pay the $120 court cost if I opt out of going to court and just want to pay the fine? Taxation without representation anyone?!
The physical therapist has me doing isometrics on my shoulder. I guess we'll move to the elbow and wrist in coming weeks. I think she's recommending me to a different specialist entirely for the stupidity issue. I'll probably bail on that appointment, unless it's court ordered of course.
Waited in line for 3 hours Saturday morning to buy Black Crowes tix. They're playing at a tiny little dive in November for 2 nights. Already made a profit from the unused tix I bought to cover the expense of the 2 I'll be using. Please don't confuse this with scalping (honestly)! The tix could only be purchased at the theatre that morning, not through Ticket Master or any other national site. Hence, by my grabbing extra tix and selling them on Craig's list I was performing a service for those out of the area unable to secure tix themselves. The extra $ was for my time and effort and waiting in line at 6:30 in the AM on a Saturday. Anyhoo, thanks to my business clairvoyance, I get to see both shows without any ill effect on my wallet.
Finally... this song gives me hope for the future of both rock and roll.

if Kalani is allowed to show endless Fugazi and Ben Harper videos then I can show one once in a while too!