Aspen left with her mom for the summer yesterday. Aspen was crying as they drove off.

What does it say about me as a person that the first thing I did when I went back into the house was to shut the AC vents in her room and close her door so as to conserve energy? Was that heartless?

Looked at 2 bikes yesterday, a '93 Ninja and a '98 Nighthawk. I hate the crotchrocket style ninja bikes but they are much more plentiful on the used market than the classic american street style bike. Unfortunately, both bikes needed more work to be road-ready than I was willing to put into it. So the search continues. I may look at another Nighthawk tonight.

Went to see The Happening last night. I am a huge M. Night Shyamalan fan. Yes, I loved The Village and even thought Lady in The Water was pretty good. So it was with great optimism and enthusiasm that I purchased a (hold on to your ass!...) $10!!! ticket for admittance! I can not believe how bland and forgetful this film was! I walked out of the theatre sad that the apparent genius behind The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable is on an elongated cerebral hiatus. The previews looked so promising too! Humanity having to deal with facing it's own extinction at the hands of a pissed off mother nature or one of her subordinates. A compelling and relevant topic in this day and age to be sure. It was stoic and featured infinite close ups on thoughtful and confused faces of the main characters which worked as a contrast to what one may expect in a 'end of days' themed movie. But where was the suspense? Where was the revelation halfway through that makes you re-evaluate all that you had seen up to that point? What was with the extended focus on the crazy lady when she had nothing to do with the plot? Why did Marky Mark continue to freak out about needing a moment to think when the scene ended without incident? And most importantly: Why the hell was the movie rated R if the main actress/temptress Zooey Deschanel didn't take her top off? Did you all see her in Elf as Elf's female elf friend?! Yum! I've got a candy cane for her I tell you what!

ps. an alternate closing statement there was " I'ld love to shake up her snow globes I tell you what!" I thought "...jingle her bells..." was a bit childish though.

At any rate... the movie sucked.