No not on me, nor on some dame. Nope, the fat I see these days is on the labels I'm looking at.
Honestly, I feel like I have been invited into a private club. A club whereupon your membership allows you to relate to all commercials that pitch a low fat product (drink, cereal, snack, etc); all commercials that try to sell you a cholesterol blocking drug; and all commercials that insist you need to do something other than where your sorry ass has gotten you in life up to this point.
In attempts to get my triglycerides cut in half I have thrown out nearly every snack food in the cupboards. No more wheat thins. Adios Orville Redenbacher. See ya cashews. Take a hike Triscuits. And get the fuck outta here Pringles (seriously, have you seen the calories from fat content on a serving of those?!). I also tossed away my brand of peanut butter, switched from butter to margarine, layed off cheese, put the rum away, and am now drinking sugar free flavored water.
Additionally I now down 2 Omega-3 pills a day (note: Omega-3 acids do not come from fish. While most Omega-3 pills are made of fish oil, this is because Omega-3's come from algae which fish eat. Vegan pills made of cultured algae are available for essentially the same price if you look around) as well as some kind of Panthenine supplement.
Furthermore (and you know I'm taking things seriously if there is a 'furthermore' after the 'additionally'), I am on the treadmill for 2 miles a night AND I have the readout set to calories burned rather than time or miles. Now that's dedication!
I look forward to going back in for more blood work in 10 weeks after refusing to take the doc's prescription of whichever pharmaceutical whose rep was offering the best incentives this month and having him see my numbers perfectly in line!
And for what it's worth: I seem to have already dropped 5 pounds (and weight wasn't my issue at all).