Thursday evening Aspen began complaining about an upset stomach. By bedtime she had thrown up. She continued that into the wee hours. I kept her out of school Friday. By midday she was feeling much better and had an appetite again.
Come Saturday evening everything was back to normal so we went on with the plans to have her friend stay over.
What did I get them for dinner Saturday night?
Pepperoni pizza.
Big mistake!
Here's a simple algebraic equation for you: (tomato sauce + cheese + greasy meat) upset stomach / time since last hurl = huge mess
Come 3am Aspen left her friend and came into my bed complaining again. I didn't think much of it. By 3:15 I am taking the sheets and comforters off my bed and tossing them on the porch as Aspen is in the shower washing regurgitated italian cuisine out of her hair.
Her friend went home in the morning and Aspen stomach continued to fill trashbags throughout the day. By 3pm I was getting concerned about possible dehydration. But she managed to finally keep some Pepto Bismol down and by 8pm she had managed some chicken soup and toast.
She went to school this morning feeling much better and hungrier than I had ever seen her. I warned her about what not to eat at lunch today.
Tops on that list was pepperoni pizza.

i had no idea these things climbed trees!