Some months ago I made a subconscious decision to not bother posting anything political.
It's not even really worth going into why. All I have to say on such subjects is so elementary and basic that my opinions shouldn't enlighten anybody. I'm no investigative reporter so it's not as if I report or editorialize on anything that isn't seen in any national paper or show.
But I wanted to bring this up not because it boils my blood (if I posted on everything political that irked me I would have nothing else to do but post).
I was looking up Jimmy Buffett's set lists from this tour to see what might be in store for Aspen and me tomorrow (pictures coming!) when I noticed that Jimmy Buffett had played a private show on February 4th.
No big deal right? Sure wish I was in a position where I could hire him out every time I went to the pool myself. If you're going to have someone play a private party for you, J.B.'s the one to call all right.
Then I noticed where the party was... Nassau, Bahamas.
Then I noticed who the party was for...
The Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Sales Conference
Bear Sterns (another home mortgage bank) recently got a nice Federal Govt bail out for having loaned out billions of dollars in sub prime loans to people who couldn't afford it and shouldn't have been given the loans in the first place.
Wells Fargo is likely not far behind if the foreclosure rates continue to rise as they are.
Yet, their annual conference was just held in The Bahamas with a not-inexpensive musician hired as the entertainment.
The mistakes in judgement coupled by an insatiable greed by corporate big wigs and mortgage brokers has created an unprecedented financial debacle in this country that will take more than a decade to recover from.*
Yet, these people are rewarding themselves with a posh corporate lifestyle whose cost will eventually fall onto the shoulders of you and me.
I wonder who the entertainment was at the Bear Sterns annual home mortgage sales conference?

*gas prices are not rising because OPEC is raising the cost of a barrel of oil. they are rising because the dollar is deflating against the euro every day. this is in large part because our govt is quick to hand out tax breaks and bail outs to every campaign donating corporation on the block. money our govt simply does not have. the more money we print, the less it's worth.
soon, nobody will be able to afford that cheeseburger in paradise... or anywhere else for that matter.