Aspen and Daddy (Bricotrout) took off for a week just to try and recall the whole year...
Sorry, still full of Jimmy Buffett lyrics after being in the keys for spring break...
We spent the last week on Sanibel poking around J.N. 'Ding' Darling Nature reserve. We biked, cruised, walked and kayaked our way around all kinds of cool greenery and their accompanying wildlife. We were visited by dolphins just a few feet off the starboard bow of the kayak. Aspen was again greeted by a younger dolphin while in waist high water only some 15-20 ft away. We witnessed mating manatees and stalking gators and just about every kind of bird mother nature thought to create.
Behold: Some of the pics from this last week...
Taking an eco tour through a mangrove forest in the nature reserve.

Posing near a cool tree of which I can not recall the name.

Enjoying the calm gulf waters as a gull and sailboat pass by.

The family resting after a day of shelling.

Detail of a butterfly (10megapixel cameras are the single greatest invention of the 21st century thus far - click on pic for full resolution).