Sunday Miguel, his best gal and I went to see The Boss. Unfortunately I only brought the camera phone along so I aint got no pics of it nohow. Good show though. Bruce is the quintessential showman. Aspen's brother stayed at my place and watched her. This was his first time ever babysitting her believe it or not.

Then last night Aspen and I traveled to Margaritaville. This was her second Buffett show. The last time he was here, 2 years ago, it poured and we had lawn seats. So this time I shelled out the extra bucks for seat seats. In fact by the end of the show we had wormed our way up to 5th row. Aspen managed to stay awake for the whole show but zonked out immediately upon getting in the car.

Behold, pics!

ps. in case you missed it: a few weeks ago southpark took the opportunity to make fun of jimmy buffett and his song 'cheeseburger in paradise'. always the humorist, jimmy showed scenes from that episode on the big screen as he played hiss hallmark song. aspen thought that was hysterical. she is not allowed to watch southpark but she knows it is a show that i watch which is too grown up for her. so she got to see a minute of it and there was nothing i could do.