Aspen's class will be taking a field trip to one of those old time school house settings for a day in a week or so.
I remember I did this when I was in the 3rd grade and for some reason ended up spending most of the time getting my palms slapped with a ruler and sitting in the dunce chair. Those were some harsh times indeed. Like the dark ages or something.
Anyhoo, the kids are required to dress up in early 1800's garb for the venture. Seeing that OCL's specialty is in making fairies and other mythical creatures I had nowhere else to turn but to mom.
My mom.
She is a wizz with those sewing machine dojiggers and came up with this in only 10 days.
Aspen tried it on right away and loved it! Now she can't wait for the fieldtrip. In fact she wanted to wear the garb to school today.
I said "Be still child!" and slapped her palm with a ruler.
Kids today!