So the FDA approved meat and dairy products made from cloned animals for human consumption... and no labels indicating that the next gallon of milk or pork chop or egg or slice of cheese that you buy is from a cloned animal will be required.
Who's vegetarian now?

So the Bush administration is considering an $800 tax rebate for every household as a way to help turn the sagging economy around. Apparently economics 101 isn't required to work in Washington. Let's see, there are some 120 million households in the U.S. Hmmmm, 120,000,000 X $800... that means another $96,000,000,000 (that's 96 billion) our country can go into debt.
People, every presidential candidate who wants to further cut taxes should be dismissed right off hand as an illegitimate leader. A nation's economy runs exactly like a household economy in principle...
The kids (that's us, the households) complain to dad (that's the federal government) that our allowance isn't big enough (our taxes are too high). Dad, wanting to be liked by his kids, raises our allowance (gives tax rebates). Of course to do this dad has to apply for and subsequently max out another credit card (foreign country lenders... China, et al). Hence, when it comes time to pay off the credit bills he can only pay off on the interest (which continues to accumulate) and virtually none of the principal. But we kids are happy cause we have our allowance and that's all that matters to us. Unfortunately, dad never explains to us that when he retires (another generation of leaders takes over) us kids are now responsible for the house payments and bills (national debt).
Folks, the national debt does not disappear on it's own. It only shrinks when we as a nation pay it off. The only money we can pay it off with is money that comes in through taxes. It is not an entirely difficult concept to grasp (except for politicians apparently).

On the campaign trail Romney repeatedly states that he has no lobbyists running his campaign. I guess that's semantics because Ron Kaufman is Romney's senior campaign advisor. Ron Kaufman has an extensive history of being a high roller DC lobbyist. AP reporter Glen Thompson called Romney out on this deceptive detail yesterday in public. Romney, of course, got irritated and flustered that this was brought to the light of day and argued that his senior advisor was not running his campaign. Whatever Romney, misleading and deceptive speech is not the kind of change voters are looking for.

Recently Huckabee addressed a religious crowd that our constitution needed to be amended to be more in line with god's commandments.
Now I don't have any issue with a politician letting his faith or belief guide him on his moral convictions (though morals and religion are completely separate from each other and one can have either of those and not have the other) but I do have a problem with someone who wants to base laws or amendments on religious doctrine. If President Huckabee today supports amending the constitution according to a Christian God's laws then we have to allow President Ackbar Al-Salihi in 2012 to amend the constitution to Allah's laws.
It doesn't work like that citizens! Any laws or amendments to our constitution have to be based on completely secular and purely rational arguments, not on what your imaginary (or at the very least 'unproven') god mandates!

God bless The U.S.of A.!