The last time I saw Big Head Todd was shortly before their major label debut Sister Sweetly came out in 1992. My apartment in Boulder was located on 'The Hill'. BHT&M were playing at the Sigma Chi house across the street until 1am. I guess I didn't really 'see' them that night but did suffer a sleepless night on account of them so I think it counts.
Now that I think about it I did see them at The Foxx Theatre in Boulder a few months later with The Samples.
That was some 15 or so years ago.
Well, they still kick ass. And as always, Todd Park Mohr is sadly overlooked on the rock scene as both a composer and a guitarist.
I was able to call in a business favor from theatre management and secured front row balcony seats at the last minute thus avoiding having to wait in line in sub-zero temps for an hour.
Sorry for a lame pic, this was taken with my cell phone.