6,776,543,910 + 1

Not content until she has given birth to an entire school district, Sissy B has given me the 'privilege' of announcing that (right on schedule) she is once again expecting.
Yawn, this post was actually written 9 months ago when I had some free time, I just saved it until she gave me the word.
If any of you feel slighted by not being the blogger allowed to break the news (to other bloggers and the World Health Organization) don't fret. Like grains of sand on a beach, this type of announcement will be never ending, just get in line and next time she'll let you not only make the announcement but will also let you name the offspring as well (after she has run out of names - and I know the names she has in line for this one, trust me! she's close to running out of names already!)
But anyway, back to the news. Not wanting to sound crass, it certainly seems that Sissy B and husband Soldier Boy are intent on taking a page from Hitler's book on creating the master race. At least Hitler enlisted help in his mission. Sissy B seems bent on achieving this goal all by herself. Fortunately she seems to have settled on one mate from here on out. I understand that he requests to be shipped over seas to war torn regions for periods of time in order to get some relax and recoup time in. Can't says I blame him. Hey Soldier Boy, I hear Kenya has good weather right now.
The World Census Bureau and Negative Population Growth.Org have both made official statements condemning this selfish act and have coined the phrase 'SissyB-ing' to refer to anyone who's global impact on the world's resources is equal to or greater than that of the smallest nation: 'Nieu', population 2000.
Say! Maybe that's a good name for the next child. It works for a boy or a girl!
Anyway, congrats to Sissy B and Soldier B for their even latest bundle of joy!
The due date is August 22nd... I'll see you all back here again 9 months from that date.