1- Apparently somebody has me linked on a site I'm not aware of. I have a bunch of new visitors that I never seen before. You're all finding me from somewheres. And I know there is some site that can tell me who links to The Nut but I aint bothered with that.
2- In fact, I aint bothered with anyone's blog in months. I haven't been by Sissy's, or Kalani's, or Doc's, or Addict's, or Dan's, or Biscuit's, or Jamwall's, or OCL's, or Femi's, or Red's or no one's. My approach to blogging has been pretty pathetic lately.
3- In fact, I aint bothered with anyone period in months. I think I'm on well over 6 months abstinence right now. And I have no immediate plans to do anything about it. I mean if something falls in my lap I'll take it but life as a single dad is rather an isolating job.
4- Aspen and I are reading The Hobbit right now. After that I think we'll read Tom Sawyer and then Treasure Island. That should take care of 2008.
5- Her birthday is Saturday. I am realizing that my time of being a father to a genderless child is quickly coming to an end and I will be parenting a blossoming female (excuse me, I threw up a little in my mouth when typing that). That's a whole different world! I'm afeared that my daughter will lack the knowledge and understanding of a great many female 'need-to-know' type things. Like makeup to just scratch the surface. How am I supposed to teach her that?! "No sweety, you apply the rouge with a wider brush and after the base, not before." Gimmee a break!
6- Hopefully she will be a horse owner by the end of 2008. That is her biggest dream. She has earned it in her perseverance of interest and accumulated knowledge in equestrian studies. I am told you can expect to shell out an average of $200 monthly for food and upkeep. That's steep. But you can't argue with the numbers that show little girls who own horses are better grounded and less likely to get in trouble and have much better grades and all that. So it's an investment in her future really.
7- Aspen and I have to get to the orphanage some Sunday before the 23rd to read X-Mas stories. This has been a long time coming. Last year we got security clearance too late for the holiday season. We can't fail again!
8- While my final decision is yet to be made and I have no plans to officially endorse any of the candidates my leaning right now is with Kasinich (or at least his wife!) and Huckabee. Unfortunately with names like theirs they are real long shots. I have struggled to find positive things to say about Bush over the last 7 years but after watching Romney time and time again I can at least say that with Bush, what you see is what you get. There is no slick modified persona he hides behind. Romney is about as smooth and calculated and poised as one can get, and those are the one's you need to watch out for. Bill Clinton was similar and Hillary has learned alot from him.
9- I think the surviving members of The Who and The Beatles should get together and tour as The Whotles. Of course, Ringo stands no chance of drumming like Keith Moon but it would be a show I would pay to see. In fact Paul couldn't play bass like John Entwistle either and Daultry should do all the singing since he's the best male vocalist ever. Mid career Beatles and early Who music is very similar. They could play The Kids Are Alright then go into Nowhere Man then I Can See For Miles then Why Don't We Do It In The Road etc.
10- Ever since the writers strike I have been getting alot more sleep and reading done. Thanks guys!
11- I have to say that if I relate to any character in any book or film or show ever it would have to be Spock. I just wish I could cock my eyebrow like him and do that 'Live long and prosper' thing with my hand.
12- I saw No Country For Old Men. The first hour and 40 minutes were captivating, spellbinding, mesmerizing, compelling and addictive. Then the last 20 minutes just puts along until Tommy Lee Jones' character is quietly telling his wife about a dream he had and then BAM... credits start rolling! WTF!? I hate these new confounded Hollywood endings that are supposed to be artsy that just make no sense and are so anticlimactic that they're supposed to be nuveau but really they're just lame as hell!
13- If I still have the same job this time next year, will someone from blogland please find me and shoot me? Thanks.
14- To those loyal readers who stop by every day or week despite my isolationism and seclusion... Thanks.