I hesitated in posting this because it's a bit difficult.
Aspen's brother was arrested for assault last week.
He hit David, his and Aspen's stepfather.
Ed had been back living at David's for about a month.
He had agreed to live by certain rules and regulations. He apparently was not and David confronted him about his behavior and lies.
Ed hit him in the face (according to David and Ed's own words on the police record).
David called the police.
Ed was released later that evening into the custody of his grandfather. It was either that or stay in the county lockup until January 9th.
Ed is now in isolation at his grandfather's some 20 miles away.
Ed is not allowed back at his stepfather's.
Arrangements are being made for Ed to travel to Arizona as previously planned for the Holiday. I do not think he will be back.
He has essentially no options here.
His mother's new husband has been inquiring into the possibility of Ed remaining out here rather than him living out there with them.
Ed is not aware that his permanent home is likely out there now.
His reaction to learning this may be posted in a few days.
He won't take it easily.