Fricken A! (No, that's not the name of the movie - keep reading) Did this beat all expectations or what?!
I get to the theatre after work last night just in time to miss all of the previews. Imagine my surprise when the place was absolutely packed. I had barely heard of this film and thought I kept a pretty close watch on things coming out. How did everyone else in town hear of it? I guess part of it was that not every theatre is showing it (yet! just like Napoleon Dynamite, it's only opening in a few theatres who are taking a chance on it) so the curious have only a few options as where to get in.
What film?

If this isn't the feel good film of the year I don't know what is. Every single second of directing and acting is priceless. I don't know how exactly actress Ellen Page (cast as pregnant teen Juno) is related to Janine Garofalo but if they aren't sisters then she's her clone. Her dead pan dry wit could not have been more perfect. In fact everyone did a stupendous job at their roll. At no point were things overacted or taken to a point of disbelief. In fact a great deal of it's appeal is in it's subtlety when other directors would have pushed lines, emotions and acting too far.
At the right time I shall have Aspen see this herself. In fact I would think just about any reasonable parent regardless of their conclusions about abortion would find something positive about this story that needs to be shared with their 'spawn' (inside joke - see the movie).
So, 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, and all that other stuff.
If you told me I could only see 1 movie from 2007 again, this would be my choice.
I expected to like it. I didn't expect to love it.