1. iPODS. I would sooner loose my cell phone than the hub of all my portable music. I could get a new cell phone and be back in touch by the end of the day. Lose my iPOD and... well, I don't care to think about the ramifications.
2. Free blogging. Everything costs something these days. The fact that we are given a place to speak our minds and not have to put up with fees or mandated advertising is a rarity to say the least.
3. Free wifi zones everywhere. Pretty darned cool if you ask me.
4. Public parks. There's room to play a game of ultimate, bike mountain trails, throw a round of disc golf, wade in a creek, or just practice your jumps off the swing set. And all within a few miles of wherever you live. Nice.
4. Presidential term limits. Thank everything holy that there is no chance of another 4 years of the bumbling oaf we have in there now. Hopefully what he leaves us with is salvageable.
5. Flour tortillas. I eat these 4-1 to regular bread. And if you've ever had to eat corn tortillas for 2 years straight you would understand the difference clear as day.
6. Aspen's stepdad. With Aspen's mother having moved far far away I would be in a big pinch trying to juggle single fatherhood and a career without his help. He and Aspen have a warm loving relationship that seems to benefit them both.
7. Miguel. For some reason the fact that I have a good friend in my old Peace Corps buddy seems to really bother a certain anonymous blogger. At any rate, I'm not the most social of creatures and to have a friend that shares such common interests as music, biking, boating, reading, philosophy, politics and sense of humor is truly something I don't take for granted.
8. A reliable source of income. One of my biggest fears is being homeless. When I cross paths with someone who has nothing I shudder to think how I would cope without money to pay for the basics.
9. Sound mind and body. I may not make the 'eye candy' list for most females and I lock the keys in the jeep at least once a week but I'm not so repulsive people cross the street when they see me and I can readily justify my priorities in life. Hopefully I can say the same thing 20 years from now.
10. My child. Nuff said.

How about you?