I know the photo is blurry. That's a sure sign that it wasn't me or my camera taking the shot. Here is Aspen and her two best friends as we head out to Tricks or Treats.

What's that? "What an incredibly beautiful and intricate fairy costume!" you say?

That's right, it is! And we have none other than Oregon Celtic Lady to thank for that. Despite various injuries to the wrists and ankles, OCL contacted me in August and offered to make Aspen a fairy outfit. I readily accepted the gracious offer and did my best at measuring all sorts of heights and lengths of my daughter in order to give the seamstress/blogger extraordinaire an idea of what size to make the get-up. After a series of laugh ins and lectures and how-to instructional emails on the proper way to measure one for an outfit I resent all the measurements and applied for me degree in tailoring 101.

Well, the day the package with said costume was supposed to arrive came and went. Then an email update explaining that fairy dust is hard to come by and an assurance that it would be sent in the next 2 days eased my mind a bit. Until that day too came and went. Repeat that process 3 more times until October 30th comes around. Finally, on our doorstep is the awaited treasure from the left coast.

Aspen was very excited... both to see such a wonderful get up hemmed just for her and to know that she wouldn't be spending the hour before trick or treating rummaging through the 50% off bin at K-Mart only to end up with a Godzilla costume 2 sizes to small.

So, thanks to OCL for such a fantabulous gift! Very kind of you!