Not content with taking riding lessons, karate lessons and Girl Scouts Aspen came to me the other day really wanting to start wrestling lessons. She's been wrestling her big brother since she was two and is bent on beating him some day.
"Dad, what do I do if someone hits me when we're wrestling?"

"Well, that is against the rules so it would probably be an accident. He or she would get penalized points for hitting someone so I don't think you would need to do anything."

"What if they hit me twice?"

"Well, then you can put your finger in their face and tell them sternly 'Don't let there be a 3rd time!' ."

She gets a bit more excited "Cooool, what if they do it a 3rd time?"

"Then you can hit them back." I says.


Then she pauses

"Wait, only once?"

Hmmm, that depends on how good your first hit was.