Matt Lauer interviewed Disgraced Senator Craig this week which aired on NBC Tuesday night.

While daring to ask Senator craig if admitting that being gay would be 'an awful thing to have to admit', Senator craig responded carefully "It is a lifestyle that I do not agree with."

Assuming just for a moment that Senator Craig really is perfectly stright and the Minneapolis airport bathroom incident really was just a bizarre misunderstood interaction, I want to call the good Senator out (since Matt Lauer didn't do his job effectievly) on what he means by '(gay) lifestyle'.

Homosexuals, tolerant heterosexuals as well, are getting pretty tired of this illigitimate term being used by intolerant bigots and not being called out on it.

There is no such thing as a 'gay lifestyle'!

I challenge anybody to name 2 things that constitute a 'gay lifestyle'. Likewise, I throw down the gauntlet for someone to describe an all inclusive 'heterosexual lifestyle'.

'Having sex with someone of the opposite sex' (something not even all heterosexuals are lucky enough to partake in) hardly constitutes a 'lifestyle'.

There is not one single lifestyle practice into which one can categorize every homosexual or heterosexual!

Hence, no 'lifestyle'.

If Senator Craig wants to be fair and accurate (assuming he won't start with being honest and open about his bisexual practices) then he (and all other closed minded bigots) can say they don't agree with the practice of 'same sex sex' and leave it at that.

And Mr. Lauer, I have the same advice for you that I have for President Bush: Do Your Damn Homework!