Aspen's maternal grandmother, affectionally referred to as 'Nanna' by her grandchildren passed away today, succombing to a year long battle with cancer that was, unfortunately, discovered too late.
Nanna was a loving grandmother who always looked out for her grandchildren's best interest, even if that went against what her children thought were in their best interest.

Though she had not technically been my mother-in-law for several years, my divorce from her daughter had essentially no impact on how welcome I felt in her home during the holidays or any other time.

Nanna, until health issues arose, was a big help with watching Aspen on days when I had to work and there was no school. She wore a warm smile and kind heart for all to see.

I remember the first thing she taught me as I joined the family and was being introduced to the south and it's 'ways'... It was permissable to speak ill of someone behind their back as long as you said 'god bless them' immediately after saying their name.

i.e. "You know, Beth, god bless her, couldn't boil water let alone make a cake."

I have used that 'etiquette' religiously ever since.

Aspen took the news today well. She knew it was coming and we were able to visit her this last Sunday, fortunately while she was still aware of those around her.

She will be missed by all those who knew her.

Heaven is a bit richer today with her presence.
Goodbye Nanna, you are loved.