The Dalai Lama is in D.C. this week to receive the Congressional Gold Medal.

Yesterday he met with President Bush. The White House quickly announced that it would not release an official photo of the meeting.

It is presumed that the decision was made because they wanted to avoid upsetting China as much as possible. (China denounces all meetings between the Dalai Lama and any head of state because they view him as an enemy of the state, an agitator and a separatist).

You see, China invaded the sovereign country of Tibet in 1950 and The Dalai Lama (Tibet's leader) escaped capture and went into exile in India where his primary residence remains today. Throughout his life he has fought peacefully for the return of his country and freedom for his exploited people. He has insisted on using only diplomatic methods to achieve these goals. In 1989 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent practices and for refusing to take up arms against China, the naked aggressor of his country.

So I find it just a tad ironic (just a wee bit, mind you) that President Bush, a man who can be held directly responsible for breaking international law and the cause of death of 3000+ plus of his countrymen, wants to avoid being associated with a man who has dedicated his life to peaceful resistance of naked aggression.

Certainly Bush doesn't want to taint his reputation any further. He must be mindful of with whom he is seen publicly. He needs to stay close with Dick Cheney and others who fabricated blatant untruths of Iraq's WMD status in order to justify invading the country and toppling it's government.

Since The White House refused to release a photo of the meeting (in order to appease the government of the occupying country) I decided to release this one.

I think it is much more appropriate and makes much more sense in the grand scheme of things.