I mentioned a few posts down how the national debt has ballooned during the current administration. It was little reported that a few days ago Congress once again increased our national debt limit up to $9.82 trillion in order to keep the U.S. from going bankrupt.
As if the testimony of the Surgeon General against the Bush Administration and all of it's incapacities wasn't enough, now Alan Greenspan, often referred to as 'The Smartest Man in America' and a lifelong Republican (no comments on the blatant oxymoron there) comes out swinging against The Bush Administration in his new book. Greenspan says he has no doubt that oil and not WMD's was the motivation for entering into Iraq. Greenspan has been highly praised by Republicans and Democrats alike since his time with The Nixon Whitehouse. For him to be so critical of an administration of which he was an insider until recently is surprising. One of the more alarming moments in the book is Greenspan's account that "Deficits don't matter" became the mantra for the current whitehouse. The most important issues were selling the war to the American People and keeping the Republicans in control of Congress, regardless of the costs.