I'M SMARTER THAN THAT 'BRO' (and all the other bros defending him)

You've all seen the video so I won't bother linking it or briefing you with the details...
A bit of advice: Anyone who decides to become unruly and disruptive while a U.S. Senator is in the room then refuses to cooperate with police as they try to escort him out, that person is going to get tazered! Plain and simple. End of story. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
Andrew Meyer was looking for his 15 minutes of fame. He found it. Anyone who thinks he was treated unfairly is as idiotic as he is.
It's a damn shame the police have to be put on paid leave while a state investigation is conducted into the way the matter was handled.
Now a group of students want tazers banned from school campus? Is this the same group of students who complained that VT campus police should have done more to protect students last spring?
What do they suggest police carry with them while on campus? Guns that can obliterate vital organs? Billy clubs that can break bones and cause brain damage? Mace that will have everyone within a 10 foot radius vomitting uncontrollably? Or a tazer that leaves a welt on 1 person and hurts like hell for 5 seconds until he is subdued?
You want police present to protect you when danger is present but not a nano-second before?

You all should run for president. You're as short sighted as our current one!