As I reported last week, my trusty old camera that was responsible for all those great HNT pics fell apart in my hands as soon as it was focused on Sissy B during her recent visit.
Well, I have a bunch of stuff I'm trying to sell on Craig's List so I had no choice but to get another one right away.

The question was 'how much do I sink into this?'

Well, more than I was planning that's for sure. Thank god the cost of memory cards has gone way down in the last 2 years!

After some careful comparisons for an hour I settled on this...

The Samsung NV10. A 10.1 mega pixel with a very sharp lens.

The next time I share a pic of me kayaking, Mizmouthy will feel like she IS on the water and Tiffany will have no doubts how glad I am to see her.
Be grateful I'm not doing that HNT thing anymore! That kind of detail you just do not need!