So I spent yesterday at the local Target filling the cart with all the items on the back to school list from Aspen's school. This weekend is tax free for school supplies in SC but honestly, having the aisles to myself and prime choice to the binders with the cute pics on them (5 with brads, 2 without - had no idea what a 'brad' was until yesterday btw) is well worth the paying $7 in tax a few days early.
I also got her some new tops and skirts as well. Grande total was $225! Yikes! Sure could use that child support which is going to be 3 months past due in 8 days.
But that all pales in comparison to what else came yesterday.
Aspen's new bedroom furniture was delivered and assembled yesterday morning! A southwest shaker style queen bed, dresser & mirror, bookcase, cd shelf and 2 nightstands from Haverty's. All that along with the hammock chair I bought at the bluegrass fest the other day now adorn her brand new room. I would show you all pics but as you may recall, my camera is ka-put.
Hmmmm... now that I think about it, it broke as soon as I tried to take a pic of Sissy B when she was here.
Aspen comes back on the 18th or so. I say 'or so' because there is a chance that they/she may come back a few days earlier to be with her son, Ed, at his hearing. Things are not normally well planned in advance with her. Take any date she gives you and put a '+ or - 5 days' in front of it to get a more realistic timeline. I mean, according to her, she hasn't decided if she's going to get him a lawyer or not. The court date is in 2 weeks. How long does she intend on waiting?
My mum and stepfather come out for a week on the 18th as well. So I'll be going from a place all to myself to a full house overnight.
Guess it's about time to start doing some of the dishes and laundry that have been piling up for the last 3 months. Any female blogger wanna come down for a weekend to help clean? I'll give you credit on The Nut here if you do!!
Sissy, don't you owe me a favor or 2 at this point?