My last minutes of 'freedom' on Friday were spent in the theatres watching what ended being the number one movie in the U.S. for it's opening weekend... SuperBad. Plenty of goods yucks to be had for sure.

Then I trucked to the airport to pick up my long lost pride and joy. She was as happy to see me as I was to have her home again. We grabbed her bags, said bye bye to her mommy then headed home to see her new room.

She was quite excited about it. Particularly the hammock on her deck. As I thought she would, she soon grabbed a book and started relaxing in it, testing how easy it was to wind it up and let it spin like a carnival ride.

About an hour later my mum and stepdad arrive.

Finally everyone got to sleep about 1am.

Sunday we braved the insane temperatures and went to check out the National White Water Center on the north end of town. Aspen wanted to do it all... the rock climbing wall, the white water rafting, the high suspension rope slide. Alas, we were there just to show the parental units the place... not to actually have any fun. Fortunately, just dabbling her toesies in the 'river' was enough to make the trip worth it. Well, that and all the dogs around that were only too eager to be petted by a high energy youngster.

We ended the day by taking a quick after dinner trip to her step dad's place to see... her dogs. It's funny, I have been told that dogs identify us by our smell and sound, not so much our looks. But I'll be damned if her dog 'faith' didn't recognize Aspen from the end of the driveway through the windows. She was going nuts like I had never seen her. Thought the little mutt was going to propel herself through the glass to get to her. Pretty cute really.

Today she is with her grandparents and tonight we have the annual 'meet the teacher' gathering whereupon you'll be hearing me say "Hi, this is Aspen, she's your genius child. The one who will be leaving class for 2 hours a day to take the 'gifted/talented' math and science classes away from these other kids in her class. Psst, see the kid over? The one picking his nose? Can we make sure Aspen sits nowhere near him? Thanks!"