Last night, a friend and I were having a notable conversation on the definition of the word 'kin'. Certainly what defines it has changed over the decades/centuries. What qualifies someone as your kin today might be a bit different than 100 years ago in the Tennessee hills. Here are some things we came up with...
1- Anyone whose trailer shares the same driveway as yours is your kin.

2- Anyone who finds their dinner on the same stretch of asphalt as you is your kin.

3- Anyone who has had sex with your sister, or anyone whose sister you have had sex with is your kin.

4- Anyone who enjoys the same watering hole as you is your kin.

5- Anyone who has borrowed your pants without your permission but you still don't mind is your kin.

6- Anyone who watches your offspring so you can go "get your kitty scratched" is your kin

7- Anyone who requests a song for you on your birthday at the local radio station is your kin

8- Anyone who helps you out of the tornado wreckage is your kin

9- Anyone who intentionally has an identical tattoo as you is your kin

10- Anyone who is kin to your kin is your kin.
Feel free to add to these if I'mmissing something.