And 'sorry' no original pics this time. My three year old digital camera broke recently. That gives me a perfect excuse now to go get a newer better-er one! Sweet! I love digital gadgets.

1- Miguel and I trekked up to the Blue Ridge Mountains (see pic) on Friday for the annual Floyd Fest (see pic - a bluegrass festival - not a Pink Floyd festival). We brought the kayaks and stayed at a Virginia state park on Friday night. Let me tell you, VA state parks are aces! No wonder they have signs everywhere that say 'VA State Parks Voted Best in the U.S.'
Saturday morning we dropped the kayaks in the isolated mountain lake (see pic) and vegged and swam for 2 hours without a soul around. Packed up the gear then proceeded to get lost (thanx google maps!!!) on the 30 minute drive to the festival.

2- At the fest I tried my hand (and back) at a mechanical bull (see pic). Boy, there are some muscles I haven't used since Tish was last here! (attention would-be 'Tish defenders': I ran this joke past her yesterday and she thought it was funny. No need to come running and screaming at my crassness!) Seriously, has anyone given a go on one of those things (a 'bull', not a 'Tish')? Pretty fun stuff, though I recommend not drinking before getting on one. Learn from my experiences folks, that's what I'm here for.

3- Discovered a new band that was absolutely brilliant. The Duhks (pronounced 'Ducks'). If you like contemporary Appalachian/Irish folk then check them out. The two chicks in the band are serious eye candy too, so that's always a bonus.

4- Speaking of eye candy (see pic). I oughts to move to move up to the VA hills right now! I swear... I'm doing it! Since when did every smoking honey from 20-40 become a bluegrass fan? Thank Buddha I was ahead of the curve on that one! As if the gorgeous mountain backdrop wasn't enough of an optical fiesta!

5- Had the worst veggie burrito ever! They can't all be 'kind' I guess. Seriously, I had to stop the guy making it and ask what the hell that black liquid was he was about to squirt all over my meal. 'Soy sauce' he says. '?!' I reply, 'I'll just take it as it is, thanks.' Who puts soy sauce on a veggie burrito? Guess Mexican food is still working it's way up there. Next time I'll just stick with the local traditional cuisine 'opossum burgers and road kill surprise'.

6- Finally made it back down to Charlotte about 1am Sunday whereupon I used all day to recover.

7- Next concerts up are Allman Brothers, Soulive, and Allison Krauss with Union Station (featuring Jerry Douglas). And that should about tap my concert funds for the year.

8- Only 18 days 'till Aspen gets back! Her new bedroom set arrives Wednesday. Just bought her a hammock chair to go with it all. Pretty cool eh?