Where to begin?...
Aspen's brother, Ed, 18, refused to follow his mother to Arizona, when she moved from one husband to yet another in July of last year. His stepfather agreed that Ed could continue to live with him as long as he obeyed some basic house guidelines.

So Ed agreed. And over the last year he has broken repeatedly every one of those guidelines. He was arrested a few months back for shoplifting. He has 'stolen' his stepfather's Jag time and again (even though he has his own Navigator), he has failed multiple drug tests when they are given to him, he has lied about where he is, what time he has to be at work, which friend's house he is staying over at, he has been caught having drinking parties at his house when his stepdad is away, the list goes on.

The irony in all this (I'll get to the tragedy part in a minute) is that Ed is furious with his mom for how selfishly she has acted over the last 2 years in having affairs (yes, plural), lieing to the family about where she was and what she was doing, etc, etc. But Ed has treated his stepdad over the last year exactly as he saw his mother treating him before she moved.

The tragedy in all of this is Ed has finally been kicked out of his stepdad's place. The locks on the door have been changed, the keys to his sweet ride have been taken. Everything that once was 'his' is no longer.

He has long made it known that he will not move to AZ to live with his mother (there are alot of negative feelings that need to be worked out there that only a professional could begin to moderate them through). He knew the gig was up as of Saturday night when he was caught lieing again about where he had been and whether or not he took the Jag while 'dad' was out of town.

He hasn't been heard from or seen since. He doesn't have his car, his cell phone is being cut off today sometime. He certainly has been staying at a friend's house and won't try to make contact or come home until Wednesday when he is due at work (waiter).

Surely when he realizes his stepdad is serious this time about no more chances he will try the 'poor pitiful me' routine, the 'give me one more chance' routine, and the 'this is so unfair - i don't deserve this' routine. These are all the same routines he watched his mother pull off for years before she was finally kicked out. They worked for her repeatedly and they have been reliable for Ed until now.

My guess is that within 2 weeks Ed will be on a plane to Phoenix, the only place where he'll be able to stay free of charge.

I give full support and kudos to his stepdad (Aspen's stepdad as well). He never wanted anything but the best for the kid he considered his own son. He had no reason other than love to allow Ed to continue to live at his place free of charge. He paid for his food, his car and health insurance, his car itself, his cell phone, etc. He knew it was in Ed's best interest to be able to graduate from his school with his friends, to play football for his varsity team, and to keep his job.

Meanwhile, Ed has done nothing but shit all over him with disrespect and contempt through dishonesty and deception. As if he didn't owe his stepdad's generosity one iota of gratitude.

Of course, the other victim in Ed's selfish behavior is his own dear sister. Aspen will now have lost both her mother and brother to their own selfish and thoughtless actions. She loves her brother immensely, he was everything to her.

I am confident that sooner or later down the line of his life, Ed will look back on this weekend and realize what a horrific mistake he made in getting himself thrown out of the house in which he wanted so badly to remain after his mother skipped town.

Good luck Ed. Your sister will miss you. Have fun in your new place, with a stepdad you don't like, a mother you detest, a school you don't know, and no friends or job. Hope it's all you were looking for.