A MOMENT IN BLOG HISTORY (with pictures)

The first time I became acquainted with Sissy B was almost 2 years ago. I was participating in a little blog diddy called HNT, you may have heard of it.

A comment came in from a female with whom I was not familiar. It was of the suggestive nature to say the least. She invited me over to her site to catch a glimpse of who was on the offering end. A curious red-blooded male, a clicked on her site to see what potentially lay ahead. To my surprise (and to the disbelief of the 3 therapists who have tried to help in my recovery since) was a pic of nothing but a 10 month pregnant belly.

Now I know that some guys find that attractive. And in the one case where I was responsible for a belly looking like that, it was attractive. But if you're hoping to turn a guy on with such a pic, you had better start your search in prison (and judging from her relationship history, that very well may have been her practice at one time).

I politely rejected the offer and immediately changed the name of my blog and deleted my email accounts.

Since then, Sissy B and I hav remained in contact and have harassed eachother in a good natured way as much as possible.

Well, yesterday the fates finally had us meet. She was passing by my way (more or less) and popped in with her zoo load of kids (she has a thing about birth control apparently) to say 'hi'.

Now, I didn't tell her this in person (and soldier boy: no need to bring your sniper skills this way!) but she is much cuter in person than I would have expected from the rare and bizarre pictures she posts of herself.

I guess some people are photogenic-er than others. We decided to take a pic of this historical moment and that's when I realized why she posts very few pics of herself when she is not expecting (and it's not just because she is not not expecting very often).

You can see for yourself how our photo session went... This one's for you Addict!

This is photo attempt #1 of Sissy and Brico "Let's try this again Sissy... how about opening those eyes just a tad this time!"

Photo attempt #2 "Um, is the sun in your eyes or something? I can shut the blinds if that will help. Say, are you sure you're okay to drive after this?"

Photo attempt #3 ... Apparently how wide open Sissy's eyes are is directly related to how open her mouth is. I'm not sure if that's useful info or not. Im just saying!

Anyway, here's to old friends and... unforced smiles. See you later 'Sis'.

This just in: I am told Sissy B has made a responsive post to this. I haven't read it yet and I suggest you all don't bother wasting your time over there either. Particularly the women... you might end up pregnant!