Aspen (remember her?) is back in town for a few days as her mother visits her sick mother. Yesterday I took her to the bookstore, a game shop to buy some Bella Sara cards (look it up), out to dinner, then to see Disney's new flick Ratatouille.

I gotta tell ya, for some reason this was the most enjoyable Disney animated piece since Toy Story II. I don't know why. While Cars was a waste Monsters Inc and Nemo were both awesome and The Incredibles was simply brilliant, but the new film from Disney/Pixar is completely engaging. I had no high expectations for it. Looked kinda blah to me. And it wasn't the most hysterical I've seen. More big laughs were to be had in Chicken Little.

Anyway, I can't quite put my finger on it. But I walked out of the theatre knwing I had seen something well worth the money.

Aspen heads back to the 116 degree days of Phoenix on Wednesday. She'll return for school in mid August. So were making the most of our time together while she's here. She misses her friends, her dogs, the boat and me.