Why do I even try? Honestly, I have given Fox News so many opportunities to be fair and balanced over the last 6 years that it's silly. This time they didn't even make it 30 seconds. I tuned in this morning and what were they discussing? Al Gore's Live Earth concerts.
Now how someone makes the environment a political issue is beyond me. I guess if the earth itself aint shelling money into the republicans' pockets then Fox News aint gonna support it.

The gist of their criticism was how much fuel and energy the entire shin dig was going to use to promote conservation. One commentator concluded "Time will tell if not all of the musicians are hypocrites."

What is that?! Because an artist uses energy to perform for the cause of using less energy that makes them a hypocrite? Is The National Audubon Society hypocritical for using paper for mail fliers? Is Greenpeace hypocritical for using boats in the ocean and disturbing sea life?

Or here's one: Is the Bush administration hypocritical for dropping bombs in the name of peace?

It's your logic Fox News, you tell me.