Have you ever given your child a bit of advice that you find you yourself needing to listen to?

The other day, Aspen was asking me what to do in a situation where a classmate likes her and always to play with her even though Aspen and her close group are not particularly fond of this girl. Aspen's main concern was that she did not want to hurt this classmate's feelings yet she didn't really want to interact with her either. Not because she was mean but just a little socially odd.

I told her that perhaps the reason her friend is strange is because her surroundings at home are different, maybe not as nice and comfortable and safe and supportive as what Aspen is used to.

I advised that if Aspen could try to imagine or even understand 'why' someone is the way they are then it can be easier to tolerate and even appreciate those idiosyncrocies. Maybe her friend is a bit easier to interact with once Aspen has spent some time thinking about what has caused her to be like that in the first place.

I found myself reviewing my words repeatedly over the proceeding days. Guess I needed to hear that myself.