BOAT OWNER'S BLUES (in f'd major)


You all know what this post is going to be about, right?

Why are you even going to make me say it?

Can't it just be understood that I have terrible luck and that to go into details isn't really necessary?

Fine... you all are busting my balls! You know that right?!

Three weeks ago I was out on Sea Weeder when I got her in too shalow of water. The prop hit a rock and the cupler in the driveshaft blew. That's $576 right there, along with being out of commision for 3 weeks. Oh yeah, I had to scrap the old prop itself too which runs $130!

So last night Miguel and I finally get her back in the water. I'm pulling her away from the dock and I swear it wasnt even 30 seconds later heading out of the cove do I run her into shallow water and bust up the brand new prop!

While it seems no damage was done to the driveshaft this time there is the minor cost of having to buy yet another prop. Not to mention not having been able to go skiing on what was a beautiful Memorial Day weekend evening on a miraculously empty lake. Instead we spent 3 hours anchored in the middle of the lake drinking, enjoying music, and bathing in gloriously warm water.