For Tart and Melina...
Aspen was sick for the last 2 days. Some kind of stomach flu thing. This would normally not be a 'big' deal' but in the past when Aspen is sick she spends time with her mother. She had no job and always enjoyed the nursing aspect of motherhood. I am not as familiar with all the medicines and what needs to be taken when so it's been left up to her.
However, now that her mother is off playing house with yet another guy far away from here, it was up to me to dawn the scrubs and say 'Now where does it hurt?"
Believe me, nothing will wake you up faster than hearing the person in bed next to you in the middle of the night starting to make the beginning lurching and gurgling sounds that are only ever followed by an onslaught of hurl. Of course, I couldn't reach the trash can fast enough nor could I pull back the comforter and sheets in time. It all got drenched. Chicken noodle soup reappeared everywhere.
I spent the next hour getting her cleaned up in the tub, the sheets in the wash, the matress dried (hair dryers have a thousand uses!), and the comforters in the tub.
She made it through the night with no further incident but the next morning when she was still ill and with fever I went off the drug store to find a decent anti-nausea medicine. Upon consumption of a child's dosage she promptly threw that up.
The day was spent keeping as many saltines and as much gatorade down her as I could. Horse lessons had to be skipped for the afternoon.
Fortunately, she felt far better this morning and was able to go off to school. A 48 hour stomach flu is what it appears to have been according to the pharmacist. Dr. Daddy managed to get rid of it in just under 36 hours!
And here I was thinking I would get through fatherhood without ever being thrown up on.
Oh well.