I know I'm not really posting over here anymore but this was worth mentioning...
Tish and I have ended our 10 month relationship.
We first met via the blog world (specifically because we both participated weekly at HNT). I was immediately attracted to her (and still am to this day). She is beautiful, and has a soul to match. We were close friends for several months before things evolved into more on May 27th when she first came down to my neck of the woods so we could meet.
Well, as of yesterday that part of our relationship came to a close. I sincerely hope and am confident that a strong friendship will remain. We have shared a lot together in that time. She was there for me during a very stressful period of my life as I fought to get full custody of my daughter. Now she is going through a difficult time as the health of her beloved dogs is tumultuous.
She has been just a wonderful person to have in my life. I wish I could be there for her in a fraction of the way that she has been there for me. But... we all have our limitations. And mine these days seems to be a limitation in giving to anyone else.
And for that limitation I am truly sorry and regretful.
Tish deserves the absolute best. Hopefully she finds him.