After careful planning and conniving for the last few weeks I finally managed to get Tish's work address from her without her suspecting anything.
How did I do this?
By saying "Yo doll, gimme your work address."
"Um, why?"
"Um... er... just cause!"
See how smooth one can be if they really try. Gentlemen, be still in my presence. I have much to teach.
In fact, the real reason I sought Tish's work address (to be posted later), I had a completely original and novel idea. I learned that there are shops in some U.S. cities that specialize in flower arrangements. And believe it or not, many of these shops are able to be contacted via the internet. And to make things even more oddly convenient, they will not only sell you a floral arrangement of your choosing but they will also deliver said floral arrangement to any given address within a reasonable distance.
Are you following my train of thought on this?
It occurred to me that all I needed was Tish's work address, access to the internet, and a non-maxed out credit card in order to pull off what might be the greatest Valentine's Day surprise in the history of... Valentines Day surprises.
My plan was to secretly have delivered to Tish's place of business a bouquet of flowers with a card from me saying "I love you Tishy. Happy Valentines Day!"
I was sure that the shear genius and originality of this idea would land me a spot on Larry King or something.
But there was one flaw. One tiny grain of sand in the ointment of love.
Those shops that specialize in floral arrangements and deliveries... need more than 24 hours notice from time of delivery.
So, instead of going down as the most creative and thoughtful boyfriend ever by Tishy and her coworkers, I'm left here in cyberspace to grovel my way out of the doghouse.