First order of business: Tish has made her blog private due to an ex boyfriend's lunatic wife who has been leaving quite unpleasant (and untrue) anonymous comments. Thanks to her site meter she was able to track it back to his computer.
Word to the wise: if you're gonna stalk somebody's blog and you don't want them to know, don't link over to the blog from your very own email account. Makes it pretty easy to figure out who you are.
So, if anybody wants to be included on her private viewing list (not quite as sensual as it sounds there) email her at chattiekat@gmail.com.

Next order of business: If there are any photographers (or would be photogs) out there interested in participating in a weekly photo challenge of a unique nature, tune back in later this week. I am in the finishing stages of setting up the website and will make an announcement later this week.

Thirdly: A friend turned me on to John Mayer's new album 'Continuum' last week. I gotta tell you, I have a bad tendency to not like a CD no matter who it's by the first time I hear it. Even if its one of my favorite bands. And this compilation was no different. But upon the second listen I started warming up to it. And every subsequent time I play it I fall madly in love with yet another song on it. Rolling Stone gave this 4 out 5 stars and for good reason. I finally bought the CD yesterday. Then, like clock work, last night it wins the 'Best Pop Album' Grammy. It beat out the odds on favorite Justin Timberlake's 'Futureback Lovesex Something'
Check it out and pay special attention to 'Vultures' and 'In Repair'.

Finally, I should be getting my tax returns soon. The boat will be paid off and I will be faced with the decision of taking me and Aspen to Hawaii for spring break or getting her a horse (as soon as her lessons are done).
I think I know which she would enjoy more and treasure longer.