Recently I became determined to finally learn to solve the rubik's cube. Tish got me the cube (the real one, not the 'for blondes' version in the picture), I found a how-to manual at the local used bookstore for $2. Then I set out to solve it. It took me about 2 hours of reading the book before I put the thing together for the first time. It's a bit challenging to memorize all the possible scenarios that encompas each step. So I shall keep referring to the book until I have no more need for it.
Oddly enough, a number of people have seen me looking at the book while fiddling with the puzzle. There is a recurring theme to be found in their comments to me. It goes something along the lines of "Oh that's cheating!"
"Oh really? Screw you!" is my response. "Since when is referring to a manual on how to do something 'cheating'?"
Is it 'cheating' if I refer to my car's owner's manual when trying to replace a fuse?
I sure as hell hope my doctor doesn't consider it 'cheating' when he reviews procedure for a vasectomy the night before I drop my drawers in his office!
I don't think Aspen's teacher considers it 'cheating' when she studies her spelling words before a test.
I pray to god almighty that when we fly to Hawaii that the pilot doesn't consider it 'cheating' when it comes time to review his flight plan before we take off!
And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the I.R.S. doesn't consider my creative math a form of 'cheating'.
I'm bettering myself! I saw a challenge and I am on the path to completing it. What have you done with your life today you miserable cynic?
Anyway, when I completed it for the first time I was so pleased that I shouted "I am so smart! s.m.r.t.!"
Aspen, in the other room (while cheating for her upcoming spelling test) shouted back "Yeah, but I am s.m.r.t.'er!"

HA! That she is! That she is!