I have been emailing far too extensively with Aspen's mother's new boyfriend (baby-to-be's daddy). You would not believe the extent he is going to try to justify her not paying support. I could give you excerpt after excerpt of non-sensical sentences that miss the mark completely.
I like to give people the benefit of the doubt most of the time. I try to believe that a person I am dealing with most often has some rationalle to their thinking, even if it is flawed. It's just a matter of finding the lines they're thinking along then readjusting that line a bit.
Not in this case.
Listening to these two short sighted self centered people try to justify not paying her previous obligations is like listening to a racist try to justify their hatred.
I'll give you two examples:
1-"We are not married. When can she realistically get a job? How will that impact her ability to care for her baby? I personally did not not want (Aspen's mom) to work, but rather stay at home and care for our child. That may no longer be possible. "
This is him trying to explain that my seeking the court ordered monthly $ is going to inconvenience him and the plans they had for her not working after their new child was born.
Should a grown adult have to be explained that previous obligations (her support to Aspen) take priority over brand new obligations (staying home with the new infant)?
It's like arguing with a 12 year old. No offense to the 12 year olds out there!
2-"I am responsible for my child. You are responsible for yours. That is the end of it."
I can't quite figure out where he was hoping this logic would go but I corrected him that she and I are responsible for our child and she and he are responsible for their child. Since 'she' is a factor in both of those, 'she' needs to make sure her obligations to her previous children are being met before taking on new ones.
Kind of a given right? Am I losing anyone with this highly advanced form of logic?
Anyway, I informed him that I was done with this pointless debate (much to Tish's relief I am sure). It is clearly a waste of my time.
I enjoyed it for awhile. It was almost like an interactive Jerry Springer show without the risk of getting a chair thrown at you. But eventually you want to change the channel to something that doesn't kill brain cells by the nano second.
I concluded by saying:
"I am intelligent enough to not expect support from her end. I ask that you both be intelligent enough not to try and justify it."