Tish and I are celebrating our 8 month aniversary today. Well, she is celebrating it, I'm going along for the ride. I mean '8 months'... what is that?
Actually, (and these are my words not hers) it is the longest that a guy has ever tapped the Tish well since her 5 year marriage ended. In fact (and these are her words not mine) even though she was married for 5 years I've still been tapping the Tish well longer than he got to.
So... we've been together 8 months, my math tells me that in that time we've spent appoximately an entire 48 minutes total getting busy. That's nearly halfway to triple digits!Sweet!
In honor of of this hallmark 8 months I promised her that next time she comes down I will give her an unforgettable 8 minutes of Brico loving. Think about it Tishy, imagine what you will get on our 2 year anniversary! It boggles the mind doesn't it?
But seriously, I'm trying to figure out just why I have managed to continually reel this little fish in over the last 3/4 of a year. This is all I can come up with:

1- Size doesn't matter to her
2- I let her beat me at board games
3- She prefers to be in a relationship where she is the brains of the operation
4- She has a thing for Moby look alikes
5- I can find the sweet spot in 45 minutes flat (sometimes)
6- The distance gaurantees her plenty of down time
7- 'Sorry' is part of my vocabulary (especially when the lights are out)
8- My Kermit and Elmo voices make her all mushy inside
9- I'm a pushover when it comes to watching whatever estrogen stimulating movie film she throws in the DVD player
10- She's not quite right in the head apparently

Anyway baby, thanks for all the support, love, lovin', gifts, back rubs, dinners, smiles, laughs and memories over the last 8 months. Hopefully you'll let there be plenty more down the road.