Seeing that I made half the blogger world loose their lunch with yesterday's post (scroll down if you missed it), and seeing that only 2 of you actually included a quote with their comment, we at The Nut are gonna try this again... with a subject a bit easier on the stomach and eyes.

Please include quotes of what the these two little furballs of love are saying.

Here's mine: Kitten 1: "I swear to god, Brico always puts me in this damn thing and takes a picture every time he screws up with one of his girlfriends. Then he prints it out and makes a card and sends it to her with some cute little 'i love you' crap.

Kitten 2: "You should be so lucky! He's always shoving me in his boxers and sticking my head out the hole for pictures... come to think of it... I've never seen a camera. Why does he do that?"