"Please God, let me be a fly on the wall when these folks arrive at the pearly gates and have to answer for this!"
It seems that when the couple pictured here placed a peace wreath on the side of their house the day after Thanksgiving in part of their seasonal decor that it offended the three member board of the homeowners association.
The couple received a letter stating that it was a devisive political sign that was offensive to neighbors who had family stationed in Iraq. Apparently 'offensive, divisive and signs of a political nature' were forbidden to be displayed according to the association rules.
They were ordered to take the wreath down and would be charged $25/day that it remained on display.
The story made national news. Yesterday, the association's three board members stepped down in disgrace and two of them disconnected their phone service. Apparently they were inundated with phone calls from across the nation by people wanting to know just what the hell they were thinking.
I, not usually short on words, have no idea where to even begin with this one! Should I just let it alone? Is there anything that can be said that isn't so painfully obvious from the get go? I can't recall a news article that was so full of irony, so shamefully evident of ignorance, so tragically laughable and such a display of... I don't know what.
The recent update to the story is here.
Please tell me the anti-peace sentiment that these people hold is... is... I'm sorry, I am at a complete loss of words here.
I'll just refer to a famous quote here. Perhaps they've heard of it
"Peace on earth, goodwill toward men"

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