So last night I was asleep when Tish got to my place. I had little shut eye the last 2 days trying to get a bunch of last minute stuff done before the big day. I was exhausted. She climbed into bed and proceeded to wake me up ever so nicely.
A few hours later I woke her up to remind her that she hadn't taken her eye medicine or a shower as she had intended.
She could tell I was barely awake and was drifting back to sleep as soon as the words left my mouth. Out of concern she considerately and quietly asks "Are you sure my taking a shower won't disturb your sleep?"
"Mmmm hmmm" I manage to mutter through unopened lips.
Then for some reason, half leaning over me, she begins...
"Boy the drive down here? It rained the whole way. It wasn't until I got close to Charlotte that it quit. Some places, like near Asheville? It was really raining hard up there. There were some points where I could barely see. Then there were some areas where it was only drizzling. I didn't leave Knoxville until about 6:30. Remember when I called you? That was the time I left. It was warm though on the drive. I din't have to have the heat on at all. Isn't it strange that it can be raining in December and not be too cold?..."
Yes sweetheart, the shower will not disturb my sleep!