Check out this shit!
It was time for me to update the links to other blogs on The Nut's sidebar when I discovered a little surprise. There were 3 links that were no longer good; Jenny's, Heather's and Dale's.
Well wouldn't you know it! Apparently Blogger notifies (undoubtedly for a good price) a certain company of the newly defunct blogspot addresses and allows it to use them to reroute you to their site. It wouldn't be any more than a minor inconvenience if that's all it was, a simple rerouting where upon you can hit the back button and leave their site. But that's not all that it is.
Nope, the company that Blogger sells it's unused addies to is a phishing and hijacking company. Within 3 seconds of clicking on Heather's (of 212 Design) old link (too make sure it was really no longer any good), I was rerouted and pop ups started bypassing my blocker and appearing one after another informing me that I would be wise to buy their debugging softwear ASAP. I could not leave their site, I had to do an end program AND a system restore. If that wasn't bad enough, I thought it was just a fluke so only moments later I was dim enough to try Jenny's old link before deleting it.
And guess what? You got it...
BAM! The same thing happened again!
That was another end program and system restore I had to undergo!
Always wanting to offer a solution for every complaint I throw out, I suggest this: From here on out, if you change your blog addy, don't just delete the old one. Immediately go back and start a new blog on the old addy which can then serve nicely as a notification and/or link to your new site.
This way your old addy isn't left open for Blogger to sell.
This way I'm not stuck having to do sytem restore nonsense all because your sorry ass decided to change your site's name.
Blogger: I hope you get coal in your stocking!
Happy Holiday's everybody!